Our environmental approaches

Nature has always been vital to mankind.

Today, the earth needs us more than ever. The future of the vineyard and those who live of it depends on this individual and collective awareness.

Bordeaux Families is today the leading producer of Bordeaux wines and Bordeaux Crémants. The vines are worked with respect for the environment. Committing to eco-responsible viticulture is the priority. Bordeaux Families is moving towards HVE3 certification and is engaged in 1000ha in Terra Vitis.

With 590 hectares cultivated organically, we are bringing new practices to the vineyard. This allows us to take our eco-responsible approaches further.

Adhésion Agri Confiance®

In order to meet our ambition as a responsible economic player, we have adhered to the Agri Confiance® approach since 2005 and are NFV 01 007 certified.

This certification is experienced on a daily basis through rigorous monitoring of the vineyard, environmentally friendly practices and gives rise to regular audits.

Bureau Veritas certification

It is a voluntary commitment that places quality at the center of the organization, management, production and marketing of our products.

This commitment allows the continuous improvement of the performance of each entity of the Cellar and the traceability of our wines.

Certification Terra Vitis

With 1000 hectares cultivated according to Terra Vitis certification, we also relied on the three pillars of sustainable development: the environment, social and economic.

Field observation, sharing of experiences, mutual aid, are the strength of the Terra Vitis network.

Certification HVE3

Systematically favoring alternative techniques to the use of chemicals, we pass this certification for more than 2,900 hectares of our surfaces. The ultimate goal is to be 100% HVE3.

This level, the highest in the category, will guarantee our control of many environmental parameters such as biodiversity, the regulated use of plant protection products, etc.